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Zach Paxson Live!


It is with pride that we announce the distribution of Black Widow to the public via YouTube as an "official audio" release. While there are heaps of outlets that we plan to target with this somber little ditty, we have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback since our sneak peek on Friday the 13th and we can't help but to share it with you "officially."

We hope you LIKE it, we hope you embrace it, and we certainly hope that you will SHARE it with everyone you know!

Originally written with Sons of… Read more

Zach Paxson Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! 

In carrying on the tradition, Zach challenges Jones For Revival's front man, Jim DeCapua and our buddies Rick Beato Producer/Songwriter and Ken "GL" Lanyon at Black Dog Sound Recording Studios!

BUT, as we get caught up in the fun of it all, let's not forget the notion behind the movement. Help us raise awareness (and money for much needed research) for ALS and recognize the heroes fighting this illness every day. Our efforts are in honor of our friends in the great state of Georgia, Hope and Steve Dezember… Read more

Happy 4th of July from Zach Paxson & Co.!!!! Podcast

This weekend, let's party like it's 1776 and maybe even go a little CRAZY!!!!

 If you can't join us on the road for a trifecta of amazing shows in and around the great state of Ohio, bring us along as part of your holiday playlist and enjoy a FREE download of Zach Paxson's CRAZY.  We'd love to see you out having fun this weekend, so try to pop by one of our shows - pick your pleasure or catch 'em all:

Friday, July 4 @ 7:00pm
Brookside Country Club, Canton

Saturday, July 5 @ 7:30pm
with Parmalee
Festival of the… Read more

Simple Man Voting in It's Final Week!!! 

Only one week remains for voting, Simple Man cruisers!  In the event that you haven't yet made your choices, please head on over to the Simple Man Soundcheck voting page (you must be a registered cruiser) and consider Zach Paxson as one of your chosen three! The ZP camp offers a heartfelt congrats to all of the contenders and we look forward to joining some talented artists on the Soundcheck stage!

Our official submission was a track from our forthcoming album, Built to Last and we're excited to share an… Read more

Happy Father's Day from Zach Paxson & Co.! Podcast

The greatest gift of started out so small.
Zach Paxson certainly could have been famous by now, but in his upbeat reflection of time well spent with his kiddos he doesn't really seem to care. The greatest joy of his life to date lies in finding himself fortunate enough to play an active role in raising his four children, reveling in the delight of watching them grow.

In recognizing all of our proud papas out there, we want to give you a  FREE download of Zach Paxson's Watching Them Grow!  Click below… Read more