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** NEW EP - Yours for FREE! **

It's been a long-time comin' and we're thrilled to announce that the extended EP, Twenty-Four/Seven is now available as a digital download. The best part? We're giving it to you for FREE!

"I know what it's like to have a sore back and an empty wallet at the end of a workweek, and I know a lot of other people do as well. I want them to know that they are appreciated," said Paxson. "I decided to offer this EP for free so that everyone, regardless of expendable income, could have it and enjoy it. I have been blessed with the gift of music. I want to pay that gift forward.
Of course, this is a limited time offering and the
free download is available only via our official website.

Click here for your FREE download of Twenty-Four/Seven and stay tuned for additional details as to how and when you can purchase the physical CD for your growing Zach Paxson music collection!


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Zach Paxson Live!

Zach Paxson in the Peach State

Zac Brown's Southern Ground Social Club, 18 Main Street, Senoia, GA


Join us in Senoia, Georgia at Zac Brown's Southern Ground Social Club for an acoustic performance by celebrated singer/songwriter, Zach Paxson!

Not your ordinary SGSC performance, Zach brings his tremendous talent, charisma, and good nature to guests from far and wide for a performance that will cover the gamut in genre and tempo.

FREE Age limit: 21+


VOTE for Zach Paxson at www.BestCountryRadio.com! 

Those of you who lent a hand in getting Zach Paxson's "I Work" streaming on The Iceman's Cavern's www.BestCountryRadio.com have something to cheer about, as we made it into the running as contenders in next Monday's Top 40 countdown!  

We have every confidence that ZP's "I Work" is gonna be a chart-topper, but we're going to need your help - every single one of you - in a BIG way. VOTE! You can vote once every TWENTY-FOUR hours but from multiple devices, so limber up those fingers and do it, to it at www.BesRead more

WTOV9 Spreads the Word About New ZP EP Release! 

WOW! What a great week it was for the Zach Paxson camp in the launch of our FREE EP Twenty-Four/Seven. WTOV-9 News ran with the story in featuring Zach in the Fox Light segment last Wednesday. Did you see it?  You're in luck, 'cause we've got it! 

Clear here to check it out!

We're hoping to keep our momentum up, up up, so please continue to share the news of our FREE download of the brand-new extended EP, Twenty-Four/Seven. Get your copy, here!

SURPRISE! It's EP Release Day and We're Giving it to You for FREE! 

It's been a long-time comin' and we're thrilled to announce that the extended EP, Twenty-Four/Seven is now available as a digital download. The best part? We're giving it to you for FREE!

The majority of songs on Twenty-Four/Seven have been in the can for a bit, as recorded in collaboration with the esteemed Rick Beato of Black Dog Sound Recording Studio in Georgia (Parmalee, Needtobreathe). But, it took a while to figure out how to best present this music to you.

Instead of sitting on it for another few… Read more

Zach Paxson to Release 7-Song EP on October 15! 

On October 15, 2014 Zach Paxson will digitally release the seven-song digital EP, produced in collaboration with Georgia-based Black Dog Studio’s Rick Beato (Shinedown, Needtobreathe, Parmalee).  The EP is a follow up to Paxson’s two studio albums Good Luck With That (2011) and Simple Life (2012) and will be available beginning on October 15 at www.ZachPaxson.com.

Promotional efforts began with the Labor Day 2014 release of “I Work,” the first single from the EP. Written by Paxson, “I Work” pays homage to… Read more


It is with pride that we announce the distribution of Black Widow to the public via YouTube as an "official audio" release. While there are heaps of outlets that we plan to target with this somber little ditty, we have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback since our sneak peek on Friday the 13th and we can't help but to share it with you "officially."

We hope you LIKE it, we hope you embrace it, and we certainly hope that you will SHARE it with everyone you know!

Originally written with Sons of… Read more